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Resistivity (geo-electrical) surveying is one of the most versatile and successful geophysical prospecting methods for ground water prospecting mineral prospecting, ground resistance measurements, geological and geo-technical mapping, bedrock studies, certain civil engineering applications.

The Aquameter's intelligent microprocessor technology employs ingenious methods for extracting subsurface information. It is a popular instrument, because of its single button operation, deep penetration, accurate and reliable results, even in adverse field conditions. The instrument has a facility to measure self potential (SP) which is useful in mineral prospecting and environmental studies.

Aquameter CRM - 20

CRM 20 is a low power version (4Watt.) suitable for high resistivity soils of Deccan trap. It gives a depth penetration of about 100 meters.

Aquameter CRM 500 :

CRM 500 is a high power version (40 Watt) which is useful for any type of soil specially preferred for low resistivity soils of the coastal region. It has penetration of more than 600 meters. Both the models are well proven in the field. We have a long list of satisfied customers all over India & abroad.

Aquameter CRM AUTO C :

We have recently developed an improved version of CRM 500 named as CRM AUTO C. In this model the instruments selects maximum possible field current under given field conditions and the user does not have to worry about the setting of the current. This gives him additional ease of operation, best accuracy and also displays the value of current flowing while measuring the resistance. The output power of this instrument is same as that of CRM 500. Hence it has same depth penetration.

Key Features :

• Digital 3 & 1 / 2 digit Display
• Automatic setting of earth current
• Rechargeable battery sufficient for no of surveys
• Portable Unit
• Specially designed accessories
• Acrylic Front Panel for Cleanliness

Applications of Earth Resistivity Meters :

• Ground Water Exploration
• Bed Rock Studies
• Mining
• Civil Engineering
• Environmental Studies
• Geological and geo-technical Mapping
• Agriculture Engineering
• Pipe line Surveys

A complete information of the instrument, it's field operation and guidelines about interpretation of the data are provided. A full guarantee for a period of 1 year against any manufacturing defects is given on all products.



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